Nihon Henkousei Kenkyuukai Japan Variable Stars Study Association. Mainly amateur observers
Variable Star Bulletin VSOLJ Variable Star Bullein ad database
AAVSO American Association of Variable Star Observers
Seiichi Yoshida MISAO Project
VSnet(mailing list for variables and novaej For variable star observers and researchers. many links
International Supernovae Network  For amateur supernova hunters. list of supernovae discovered by amateurs, etc.
Shin-ya Narusawa Researcher in Nishiharima Astronomical Observatory.Expert of RZ Cas and SETI.
Kazuhiro Nakajima  CCD observer of eclipsing binaries
Youjiro Oogane photodiode photometry
Society for Astronomical Sciences
Variable Stars South
KWS (Kyoto Wide-field Survey)

CCD cameras and accessories
Bitran BT series
SBIG ST series
Aposee Alta series
FLI ME and IMG series
Meade DeepSky Imager series
Starlight Xpress SX series
Optec photometric filters
Custom Scientific Photometric filters
Murnaghan photometric filters
Custom Scientific photometric filters
AstroDon phptometric filters
Murnaghan phptometric filters
Atik CCD camera
Orion StarShoot, Parsec CCD
Yankee Robotics TRIFID CCD camera
QHYCCD QHY series CCD camera
QSI CCD camera
Moravian CCD camera

Rainbow Optics Star aspectroscope
Shelyak Instruments LHires III, LHires Lite, eShel

Software Bisque CCDsoft
Mirametric MIRA series
AstroArts Stella Image
MSB software AstroArt
Difraction Limited MaxIm CCD-CCD camera control, Image Processing
AIP4Win  Handbook of Astronomical Image Processing
Megastar  SkyAtlas for Windows
Project Pluto Guide, SkyAtlas
Sky Map Software SkyMap
Desktop Universe All-sky CCD map
Winscan driftscan imaging for SBIG camera (freeware)
C-Munipack GPL photmetry software
IRIS CCD image processing
Visual Spec Spectroscopic prosessing
Rspec Spectroscopic prosessing, easy to use

ACP Observatory Control Software
PRISM Image processing and telescope control

Remote telescopes
iTelescope.NET (a.k.a Global-rent-a-scope)
Bradford Robotic Telescope